Boracay Beach Guide

If you are heading to Boracay, your probably coming for the beach life.  

Boracay is a beach lovers Paradise with soft white sand and warm inviting crystal clear waters 

Our beach guide aims to provide a very simple, easy to use guide to the beaches of Boracay.   

White Beach

White beach is the main beach in Boracay and runs for several km along the west coats of the island.  The beach is split into 3 sections, all of which are slightly different.

Station 1 – Quiet, best beach and water, most expensive resorts.

Station 2 – In the middle, near the bars, noisy, busier.  Nice beach but not the best

Station 3 –  Beach OK, cheaper end of the beach,  Deeper water for swimming. 

Bulabog Beach

Bulabog beach is on the east coast of the island.  The beach is generally quite scruffy, windswept and has a lot of rubbish and sea debris washed up.  

This beach is where all the kite-surfing businesses are based due to the wind.