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With crystal waters, white sand and amazing people, Boracay deserves its reputation as one of the most beautiful islands in the world.  Unfortunately there is always a downside and for Boracay it is the green algae season.  This SLIME can range from a few insignificant specs to a thick green algae sludge which covers the beach.  To enjoy the best of Boracay we recommend you check out the latest Algae Report  for an up to date report on the latest Algae Situation in Boracay.  

We report the level of algae according to our own ‘Boracay-Algae Scale’ which ranges from PERFECT to VERY BAD. See the latest Boracay Algae Report for an up to date report on the the current Algae levels in Boracay.

For info on the best time to go to Boracay to avoid the green algae , See our Boracay Algae Season Guide. 

Today's Boracay Algae Report

29th October 2020

Boracay Algae Scale

  • 0 – 20%: PERFECT
  • 20 – 40%: GOOD
  • 40 – 60%: OK
  • 60 – 80%: BAD 
  • 80 – 100%: VERY BAD
Algae Level


We prefer to avoid the Peak Boracay Alage Season when we visit Boracay.  See how many days are left until peak season with our helpful Boracay Algae Season Countdown. 

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Have a question about Green Algae in Boracay ? Check out our Algae FAQ's

Algae can appear from as early as January and extend as far as June.  The worst months are typically March and April. 

Algal blooms are indication of pollution, increasing population as well as the lack of waste treatment facilities in Boracay.

No. The algae typically just affects White Beach. Bullabog and other beaches on the east of the island are usually unaffected.  Check out other great beaches in our Boracay Beach Guide  

While some algal blooms are harmless to humans, others can contain dangerous cyanobacteria, which can cause nausea, vomiting and, in severe cases, acute liver failure in humans.It is unclear if the algal bloom in Boracay contains toxic cyanobacteria.

Algae season typically starts in February and lasts until May.  The worst months are late March and April.

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Boracay Alagae Season GUIDE

Boracay Alage Season starts early in the year, typically around February.  As the weather warms up through Feburary the algae in Boracay peaks during the hotter months of March and April before reducing. 

Whilst the level of algae increases with temperature, there are a number of other factors which affect the levels of algae.  these include the strenght of the tide and winds which can either wash the algae out to sea or heap it up on the beach depending upon conditions. 

Boracay Weather - Current Conditions
October 30, 2020, 7:48 am
Intermittent clouds
Intermittent clouds
wind speed: 2 m/s NNW
UV-Index: 1
sunrise: 5:45 am
sunset: 5:28 pm

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